2023 In Review

As the year winds down, I want to first take a moment to thank you for reading my posts over the last year!

This was an exciting year for me, as I started my first role as a principal engineer and learned a ton. I redesigned my website, and started working to build a community around my blog. I also met so many great people at conferences and meetups around the country and North America, from Render Atlanta to Tailwind Connect!

Me and some attendees at Tailwind Connect

Tailwind Connect in Cambridge, Ontario was probably my favorite event of the year!

I stopped writing my newsletter after Twitter killed off Revue, but I'm hoping to start it back up again in 2024. I also started a Reddit community for discussion of my blog posts. If that's your scene, join me over there!

From My Blog

It was a busy year! Here's a quick walk back through all the posts I wrote:

I started off the year writing about my pull request process and some approaches I take to writing quality code:

In keeping with what is seemingly an annual tradition, I also wrote about connected fitness and how I use Apple Shortcuts to fill in some gaps in the automations I've come to rely on:

In May, I redesigned the entire site and wrote a bit about the new Next.js features I'm leveraging:

My most popular post this year was Mastering React Component Callbacks With Currying and this popularity (especailly with Google search) started my journey of optimizing SEO performance for my blog:

Sometimes, I find myself inspired to write a post about a particular topic after doing hours of code review, and one such post was about when to use abbreviated variable names:

This year, I started writing about a new design system I'm building at Kizen, and I started off by talking about visual regression tests with Storybook:

I continued down that path, discussing Tailwind CSS and how to use Javascript variables with Tailwind classes:

Every once in a while, I find a new pattern of building with React that I like, and this year I started using recursively rendered React components a lot more:

To end the year, I wrote a second installment of my series on Tailwind CSS, Generating CSS Variables From a Custom Tailwind Theme:

All told, it would take about 109 minutes on average to read everything I wrote over the last year! Hopefully you've been keeping up ๐Ÿ˜€

Happy Holidays!

I hope you enjoyed reading my posts this year, and I look forward to writing more in 2024! Happy holidays and happy new year!