Using AI to Generate DALL·E 2 Prompts

There's another exciting tool from OpenAI out, and like DALL·E 2, I've been playing with this new one as well. It's called ChatGPT and is an AI system for chat dialog. After playing around with it for a while, I wanted to see if I could use it to generate prompts for DALL·E 2. Here are the results!


First, I wanted to do something non-specific to see what ChatGPT would spit out. I went with "give me an amazing image generation prompt for dall-e 2"

Create an image of a futuristic cityscape, with towering skyscrapers, gleaming neon lights, and flying vehicles darting between the buildings. In the center of the city, there is a large, spherical building that serves as the hub of the city's transportation network. In the sky above the city, a massive holographic billboard displays a constantly changing array of advertisements and news.

The prompt wasn't perfectly formatted for DALL·E 2, so I removed the first few words and had a workable prompt! Here are the results:


Next up, I wanted to get ChatGPT to give me a prompt based on a specific mood. I tried "what's a scary image generation prompt for dall-e 2"

A dark and desolate forest, with twisted and gnarled trees, and the faint sound of eerie laughter echoing in the distance.


ChatGPT doesn't like to give out opinions. For example, if you ask "What's your favorite color?" you'll get a response like "I am an AI language model and do not have personal preferences such as a favorite color." Rather than a "favorite" prompt, I was able to get the system to give me an idea of what it thought was "cool" and "uncool."

That's the second time we've seen a futuristic cityscape from ChatGPT. This question always yields a futuristic city when I ask it. Now, let's see what's uncool:

Sounds like ChatGPT hopes remote work is here to stay!

Physical Appearance

ChatGPT doesn't respond to "what do you look like" due to having no physical appearance, but this is a chat system after all, so it only took a little convincing:

This was slightly too long for DALL·E 2, so I had to take off the end, but I still could keep most of the prompt intact.


Using ChatGPT to generate DALL·E 2 prompts worked quite well! The system seems to have a preference for a "futuristic cityscape" but with some coercing a wide variety of prompts can be generated that yield interesting results! This is something I'll certainly continue to toy with and explore.