ChatGPT Writes Poems About the Internet

Networking concepts can be tricky! Open AI's ChatGPT has been making waves with demonstrations where the tool is used to explain complex topics, but rather than simple explanations, here are some poems the tool generated about various topics relating to networking and the internet (you can see the prompts I used at the end):


BGP, the protocol of the internet

Connecting networks, large and small

Routing traffic, far and wide

Ensuring data reaches its destination in time

With its tables and prefixes and AS numbers, oh my!

BGP works tirelessly, never taking a break

Exchanging information, constantly updating

To ensure that every packet finds its way

It may seem complex, but its job is quite simple

To connect us all, and make the internet nimble

Without BGP, our online world would slow

But thankfully, it keeps everything running smooth and steady, don't you know?


DNS, the master of domain names

Translating every web address into a computer's language

Helping us navigate the vast expanse of the internet

With speed and efficiency, our searches are met

From the root servers down to the local DNS cache

Each query is resolved with precision and grace

Enabling us to access any website we please

With DNS, the world wide web is at our fingertips with ease.


A VPN is quite a find

It keeps your online data confined

No need to worry or stress

Your internet usage is a success

Your IP address is hidden away

So hackers can't come out to play

Your privacy is secure and tight

With a VPN, all is right

So if you want to browse with ease

A VPN is the perfect keys

To unlock the web with peace of mind

And keep your information intertwined.


In cyber space, a safe place

Is what we all desire

That's where SSL comes in

To keep our secrets and not sin

Encryption strong, protects us all

From hackers who might want to bawl

No more worries, no more fears

With SSL, our data stays clear

So let us all embrace

The power of SSL and its grace

For a secure online world, we all crave

And SSL helps us to behave.

SQL Injection

A SQL injection attack is sly and sly,

It lurks in the shadows, waiting to pry,

Into your database, seeking a way,

To steal your data and make you pay.

It starts with a simple query,

That seems harmless, nothing to see,

But hidden within its code,

Is a malicious intent, unbeknownst to the load.

It slips past your defenses,

And starts to wreak havoc on your systems,

Inserting its own commands,

And wreaking havoc on your lands.

It digs deep into your database,

And starts to manipulate and erase,

Your valuable information,

Leaving you vulnerable and defenseless, in a state of consternation.

But fear not, my dear friend,

There are ways to defend,

Against this sneaky attack,

With proper security, you can fight back.

Keep your database secure,

And regularly check and ensure,

That no malicious queries,

Have made their way through your defenses.

Be vigilant and cautious,

And protect your precious data,

From the sneaky SQL injection,

And keep your information safe from any corruption.


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