White Tears

Hari Kunzru

The first thing to say about White Tears is that it's an incredibly unique read. It's an exploration of racism in America, told through a story about American music: the blues. The story is one of ghosts, horror, and murder mystery. It explores the dark history of our nation's greed and exploitation in a completely new way.

The story is unnerving and strange, even fear-inducing at times. I've never encountered another book that tackles such a heavy and important topic through the lens of the horror genre. It's easy to transport oneself back in time through the stories told, powerful imagery, and the people the characters encounter.

As a musician and longtime student of jazz, the premise of the book and its focus on jazz and the blues really stood out to me. I purchased my copy at Shakespeare and Company in Paris not really knowing what I was getting into, however, I finished the book in record time and enjoyed every moment of it. It continues to shape how I think about the history of one of my favorite art forms.