No Rules Rules

Reed Hastings, Erin Meyer

This book provides a unique look into how Netflix's culture made it into what it is today. It's undoubtedly targeted toward aspiring managers who want to implement the "Netflix way." However, as someone who works in a software company, I still found it interesting to understand the thought process and reasoning behind the infamous management style at Netflix.

What I found most interesting was the discussion around Netflix's culture of providing feedback at all levels, with the goal always to help each other succeed in their roles. The book dives into the issues that arose when scaling the company up to span many different countries and cultures, and how to ensure that feedback was still given effectively and appropriately.

It explains talent density and how Netflix seeks to only hire the best of the best, and once you hire the best, everyone can work together to improve.

Favorite Quotes

I drove Patty McCord to work every day and when I swung up to her house in Santa Cruz, she would practically leap into the car with this big grin: “Reed, what’s going on here? Is this like being in love? Are these just some wacky chemicals and this thrill is going to wear off?” Patty had put her finger on it. The entire office felt like it was filled with people who were madly in love with their work.

For top performers, a great workplace isn’t about a lavish office, a beautiful gym, or a free sushi lunch. It’s about the joy of being surrounded by people who are both talented and collaborative. People who can help you be better. When every member is excellent, performance spirals upward as employees learn from and motivate one another.

I began encouraging everyone to say exactly what they really thought, but with positive intent—not to attack or injure anyone, but to get feelings, opinions, and feedback out onto the table, where they could be dealt with.