Why Write a Newsletter?

Recently I started my newsletter that I aim to send out monthly. It contains a roll-up of the various posts from the month, as well as music I find interesting, and any books I finished off my reading list. It doesn't take too much work, but it does take up to a couple of hours at the end of the month to curate what I want to send out and write any additional content for the newsletter.

So, why did I start my newsletter? I have a handful of reasons that inspired me to start it:

1. Deliver content directly to subscribers

I don't have a notification system for when I publish posts or other content, so if you don't follow me on Twitter there was no good way to get the content.

With my newsletter, anyone who wants to can subscribe to my content. I prefer this over building a system where readers can be emailed every time I post, because then if I post in rapid succession I'd feel like I was spamming people with emails.

2. Discoverability

I have my Revue newsletter embedded right on my Twitter profile, which is one extra way I can get my content in front of readers and distribute it.

Each newsletter issue is also archived online and can be a nice way to get a quick month-by-month summary of what I write about. This will hopefully come in handy when looking for new roles someday as well, as I'll have a succinct overview of my content.

3. Accountability

Knowing there are people out there who will receive my content is a good motivator to keep me accountable for actually writing the content that I plan to include. By setting a monthly deadline to publish a new issue, it encourages me to spread my content over the month so I have something to write about in the email.

Final Thoughts

I'm only two issues in (and the second one was a few days late due to travel 😬) but I'm really enjoying putting together my newsletter! The next step is to update some of the branding and language on my blog to make it easier to subscribe.

If you're interested, you can subscribe here.

Do you have a blog or newsletter? Is your reasoning different than mine? Let me know on Twitter or by responding to my newsletter!