Introducing Thirsty Bot: The Cocktail-Making AI

Last week, I wanted to make a cocktail, and realized I didn't have all the ingredients to make any sort of drink that I knew of. I hadn't restocked the bar in a while, so I was working with limited options. I went to a spot down the road for a whiskey sour, but got to thinking about building an application that could take all the ingredients I have on-hand, and recommend what I can make. And so, Thirsty Bot was born.

It's a simple application that lets you select a list of ingredients you have on-hand, and then uses an LLM to come up with one beverage that can be made with either all, or a subset of those ingredients.

Here's one of my favorite drinks, created from my list of ingredients (after restocking the bar of course), along with an enticing photo:

Sometimes it comes up with some non-traditional drinks that I might not have thought of:

It's not perfect all the time; I've definitely thrown some weird ingredients at it and gotten some strange results, but it's fun nonetheless to see what can be made with a collection of what I have available!

I'm going to be doing a deep dive into how I built this, how long it took, what I learned, and the tools I used, so look for that later this week!

In the meantime, go ahead and try it out for yourself at thirsty.bot! Every account gets 10 credits for free, which are good for either 5 recipes with images, or 10 recipes with no images (I recommend the images though - they're fun!)

This week, as a reader of my blog, you can use the code KEEGANCODES10 for 10 additional free credits!